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Who Pays for Towing in a Car Accident

Insurance Accident Towing


If You Are at Fault:

When it comes to car accidents in Sydney, if you are at fault and have comprehensive car insurance, your policy typically covers the cost of towing. For those with third-party insurance, if you're at fault, you'll have to cover towing costs yourself. Without any car insurance, you're responsible for all costs, including repairs to both vehicles involved in the accident.


If the Other Driver is at Fault:

If the other party is at fault and insured (whether comprehensive or third-party), their insurance will cover your car's towing costs. If the at-fault party lacks insurance but you can identify them, all insurance companies will cover towing and repairs for you.


Understanding Your Insurance Policy:

The coverage of car towing in your insurance depends on the policy you hold. If you only Have CTP Insurance you are only covered for repairs and Towing fees if you are not at fault.


Towing Regulations and Rights in NSW:

In NSW, towing fees are regulated, and reputable companies like Hills District Towing adhere to these regulations. It's important to ensure that the towing service you choose has an accredited towing certificate this includes being provided with a towing authority form with details of your car involved in the accident to then provide to your insurance provider.


Insurance Coverage for Towing:

All comprehensive insurance policies cover towing costs following an accident. If another driver is at fault, their insurance will cover the towing costs, or your insurer may seek compensation from them.


Proving Fault in an Accident:

In case of an accident, reporting to the police is crucial for documentation and insurance claims. Gathering evidence like photos and witness details can be vital in proving fault and facilitating the insurance claim process.


Importance of Not Driving a Damaged Vehicle:

It's crucial not to drive a car that's been in an accident. This could lead to further damage, accidents, or legal issues. In such cases, professional towing services like Hills District Towing are essential to ensure safety and compliance with insurance policies.



In conclusion, understanding who pays for towing after a car accident is vital, and Hills District Towing is here to provide expert advice and reliable towing services in Sydney. Whether it's determining if towing is necessary or navigating the complexities of insurance coverage, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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